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While social distancing has pressed the pause button on normal life for now, our friends, relatives and co-workers continue to have babies, celebrate birthdays, get engaged, move on to new jobs, and retire, yet most of us are unable to offer our congratulations in the usual way.

As an alternative, The Online Book Company offers multiple options for people to collaborate in sharing their congratulations, as well as to pay respects and share memories on sadder occasions, regardless of distance.

Our interactive Online Books can start from as little as £45 ($60)

Take a look at the options below for more information. All of our books are of course free of advertising, and we do not pass or sell your contact details to any third party. Below are some covers of books we have recently created and for more information about these click on the links below


Online birthday Book for sharing Online Book of remembrance cover Online Book wishing Good Luck Online Book of Condolence Option 2 Bonne Voyage Online Retirement Book Online Book of Condolence Option 1 Premium Online Retirement Book example

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