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10 Things you didn’t know about The Royal Family

10 Things you didn’t know about The Royal Family

1. Prince Charles and Princess Diana first met when she was just 16 years old.

2. The Middleton Family once lived in Jordan for two years during the 80’s due to Kate’s father’s work.

3. Kate Middleton has a degree in Art History, making Kate the UK’s first royal bride to have a university degree. She graduated from Scotland’s University of St. Andrews, which is where she and Prince William met.

4. Prince William carried his mother’s 18-carat ring in his rucksack to Kenya where he proposed to Kate in October 2010.

5. As well as Prince William, Prince Harry took a gap year, where he worked with AIDS orphans in Africa, making the documentary The Forgotten Kingdom. He wanted to carry on things his Mother didn’t get to finish.

6. When greeting The Queen she must be referred to as “Your Majesty,” and from there she can be referred to her as “ma’am.”

7. The image of The Queen on the UK stamp is the most reproduced work of art in history.

8. William and Kate received more then 60,000 fan mail letters during The Royal Wedding, everyone with a return address got a reply.

9. Although William and Kate made a lot of headlines, Prince Harry was named ‘Most popular Royal in 2014’.

10. Prince Harry’s real given name is Henry Charles Albert David.

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Polly Bolitho10 Things you didn’t know about The Royal Family
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