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Allan Milne’s online Leaving Book

Allan Milne’s online Leaving Book

As a mark of affection for Allan Milne on his retirement, an online ‘Leaving Book’ has been created for friends and colleagues, both past and present, to leave heartfelt messages for Allan after 36 years at the University of Abertay Dundee and Dundee Institute of Technology. Joining as a Lecturer in 1979 in computing, he later became Senior Lecturer in 1985.

Allan has always been recognised as a magnificent teacher, often delivering highly technical subjects in many engaging and exciting ways, always making learning a fun experience! Most importantly he always made sure that students and staff were dealt with fairly, he really cared for others throughout his career.

The beauty of this online book is that anyone can come back to the page and leave a message whenever they want to. Vicki Pring, of whom introduces herself as; ‘hopefully your favourite ever student from Birmingham’, left a lovely message 6 months after everyone else. It is fantastic to see a message from a student who truly looks up to him. She has also attached a photograph of him teaching her to dance at the informatics ball.

One of the benefits of this online book is that Allan, who is blind can use his ‘text to speech’ equipment to enjoy his special messages, which we are sure brought a lot of joy. Most importantly, all of our online books can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of disability.

We are always delighted to help people come together to show their appreciation for someone special. In this book it is clear to see that Allan is a very loved character and has made an impression on many people’s lives. You can see Allan’s ‘Leaving Book’ here

If you would like your very own special dedicated online book or you know of someone who deserves one, you can find out more here 


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