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The Life-Changing Work of Guide Dogs

In the year 1931, two exceptional women Muriel Crooke and Rosamund Bond organised the training of four of the first guide dogs. This later resulted in the world’s largest breeder and trainer of working dogs and one of the UK’s largest and most well-known charities. Today, Guide Dogs has helped more than 29,000 people to obtain life-changing independence. Over the next decade the Guide Dogs strategy is to increase the scope of their service to include a ‘Buddy Dogs’ scheme for young people, and ‘My Guide, a sighted guiding service’, aiding people who have lost their sight to get out and engage with others.

“We will not rest until people who are blind or partially sighted can enjoy the same freedom of movement as everyone else.” – Guide Dogs

One gorgeous Guide dog in training is Clover, who appeared on ITV This Morning as a puppy. Living with her volunteer puppy walker, Clover is learning all the basics of Guide Dog behaviour and is due to start her Guide Dog school in September. Clover, as well as many other of the guide dog’s, beautiful nature, personality and high level of intelligence, means she is very keen to learn and be the best guide dog she can. To support a guide dog throughout his or her life relies solely on donations from kind supporters to continue their life-changing work.

We are so inspired by the Guide Dogs good cause that we were honoured to work with them in creating an online book. This book acts as a place where the relatives of those who have left donations to the Guide Dogs in their will, can create celebration pages and leave messages, videos and photos. As well as a book to remember the lives of people, there is a book where guide dogs and other pets can be remembered.

If you want a way to globally engage, raise awareness and funds for your charity or project contact us to find out how we can create an online book for you.

Polly BolithoThe Life-Changing Work of Guide Dogs
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