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The Battle of Waterloo – Private Samuel Ackroyd

Over a year ago, the Waterloo 200 Project was born in recognition of the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo. This inspirational project commemorates and raises awareness of what this historic event left behind by exploring stories behind the iconic, epic battle.

We are so proud to be a part of this fantastic project by creating an online book in celebration of the 200 year anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. With the acknowledgment of all 36,000 British soldiers involved, the online book allows descendants to share information and photographs of cherished memorabilia that belonged to their special ancestor. A collection of information and memories like these will become a forever lasting record for future generations to come.

The online book has received many lovely and inspirational tributes, one of the first to be made was to Private Samuel Ackroyd, who was born on 22nd April 1774 in Yorkshire and grew up to be a farmer. In 1799 he was enlisted in the 31st Regiment of Food Guards with the rank of Sergeant, which led to three years learning as a Commissioned Officer with his first Regiment. Samuel continued his journey, when he was recruited at Hyde Park into 2nd Life Guards, with the rank of Private. After he married and had children, Private Samuel Ackroyd fought at the Battle of Waterloo on 18th June 1815. Read the full tribute of Private Samuel Ackroyd here. 

Private Samuel Ackroyd’s courageous effort in the Battle of Waterloo was rewarded with a Waterloo medal, that was still in the family in the 1990s. Though a photograph of the medal exists and is in the hands of the family, all trace has sadly been lost on the medal. If anyone has any information on where Private Samuel Ackroyd’s medal may have ended up, we would be incredibly grateful for you to contact us, as we would love to piece together the rest of the story.

If you would like to raise awareness, increase engagement for your charity or project, or honour a loved one, contact us to find out how we can create a bespoke online book for you.


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Polly BolithoThe Battle of Waterloo – Private Samuel Ackroyd
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