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It is that time of year again! Bulk buying fun-sized sweets, carving spooky faces on pumpkins and adding fake blood to your vampire costume –  the traditional Halloween activities.

However, this Halloween, a four-legged member of the family is joining in on the festive fun!

This year, Dogs Unite are holding a Halloween Howl – a sponsored dog walk to raise funds and awareness for Guide Dogs. Our furry best friends around the country will be dressing up and heading out on Halloween to show off their costumes for their hard working brethren at Guide Dogs.

Those who have registered with Dog Unite even get their own Nutritional Supplement Pack – so it won’t only be the kids getting something tasting during Trick or Treat!

All over the United Kingdom, dog-lovers are setting up an array of fundraising ideas such as ‘Pet the Pooch’, photo shoots, dog washes, dog shows and even ‘Bark Boxes’ where everyone can drop in a pound into the box whenever a dog barks. Some amazing ideas to raise money for such a wonderful cause.

The challenge is to raise £35, which could pay to support a working guide dog partnership for a week. For a more detailed guide to what the money could go towards, check out Guide Dogs Shopping List.

We are in complete awe of how everyone is stepping up for such a good cause, this Halloween. We love the Guide Dogs charity and we love to see people striving to help their cause. We have been lucky enough to work with Guide Dogs ourselves and have created an online book for them in dedication to those who have left donations in their will to Guide Dogs. This is a book where family members of the donators can create celebration pages and messages to remember the lives of the loved ones.

If you would like to raise awareness, increase engagement and funds for your charity or project or simply honour loved ones contact us to find out how we can create an online book for you.


Contact Us – personal Online Book enquiry form.

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