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Laughter Africa

“They don’t give up, they carry on living with strength and courage. They are not victims, they are survivors.”

Since starting on 25th June 2015, Laughter Africa has successfully worked with over one hundred children living in harsh conditions on the streets of Sierra Leone. An astounding 85% of those children are still at home, some of which have been on the streets for up to 9 years, which is truly incredible.

There are many challenges for children living on the streets, from discrimination and violence all the way to the saddest circumstance of death. Laughter Africa works in three main ways; firstly through their Outreach work, which involves meeting children living on the streets and building mutual trust, these children will often need food, medical care and someone to talk to. Secondly, their Interim Care Centre will provide, food, clothing, healthcare, counselling, support and a safe place for the children to live while Laughter Africa attempts to find their family. Activities such as football are also used to strengthen trust, in order to get closer to the goal of helping children break free from the street life. Lastly Their home tracing, family reunification and home visits mean that the children will be reunited with their families providing the situation is safe and secure. If this is not the case, an alternative long-term home will be found. Whatever the children need, Laughter Africa is there to provide.

The support that Laughter Africa provides is truly inspirational, and we are very proud to work with them on their online book that is full of inspirational stories and experiences from all of those who are or have been part of Laughter Africa. We would like to wish Laughter Africa good luck in the future with this fantastic project

“I just want to say a massive thank you to the online book company and all their amazing staff. They believed in me and Laughter Africa when Laughter was just a dream. They have been there every step of the way since February 2014 and have just been so supportive. I really do appreciate them and I can’t thank them enough.”  –  James, founder of Laughter Africa

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