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Gentlemen, this December, it’s time to ‘ditch your razor and grow a beard’, but why you may ask? It is of course for ‘Decembeard’, a fundraising campaign, which exists to raise awareness and funds for those affected by bowel cancer. So it’s time to turn your Movember moustache into a beard for Decembeard.

Did you know, someone dies from bowel cancer every half an hour, and every 15 minutes someone is diagnosed? Affecting both men and women, bowel cancer is the third most common cause of death in the world. If this disease is caught early enough it can be treated with success, it is for this reason why it is so important to raise awareness, it could save lives.

Decembeard has been running successfully for over five years, with thousands of men getting involved to show their support with their beards.

‘Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal’ is to never give up until no one dies of bowel cancer and all those diagnosed get the support they need. –

Not only are men growing their beards for this good cause, but those who already have one can spread joy and Christmas spirit through the use of glitter, they can get their friends to sponsor their glittery beard, as well as, other fundraising options. Whatever you decide to do, everyone is prompted to share their beard fundraising experience via social media to create more of an impact.

The way the Decembeard fundraising campaign gets men together to do their bit for a good cause is truly incredible. If you would like to raise awareness, increase engagement and funds for your charity or project or simply honour a loved one, contact us to find out how we can create an online book for you.


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