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From podcasts to virtual events: 10 great sources of fundraising help & inspiration you might not know about

One of the many great things about the charity sector, both in the UK and elsewhere, is how willing people are to share what they’ve learned.

As well, of course, as the more ‘official’ resources from organisations, groups, associations, and charity media, there are all sorts of other useful and inspiring resources offered by people in the sector that you might not be quite so familiar with.

Here are a few that have caught our eye:

January saw the launch of a podcast by ChangeStar’s Richard Docwra. Making the World Better is fortnightly and sees Richard talk to people who are making the world better, exploring what they do, the issues they’re working on and why they matter, with each episode having a different guest. The first few shows have some brilliant people including CEOs of leading charities, political advisors, academics, fundraisers – and people who are working to help others in their local communities.

Another useful podcast is Four Minutes in Fundraising. This is hosted by CEO of Money4Youth Amicky Carol (Carol Akiwumi) and promises to make the principles and techniques of fundraising, such as digital marketing and fundraising, more accessible to everyone in these bite-size chunks.

Simon Scriver’s Amazingly Ultimate Fundraising Superstar Podcast is a popular one. In it, Simon, from Toast Fundraising, gets the lowdown on various issues and areas from experts in the field, offers quick tips on everything from how to get a speaking gig at a non-profit conference to making the most out of Giving Tuesday, and reviews the latest fundraising news.

The Do More Good podcast is recorded in pubs around London and beyond, and delves in to a variety of topics and interviews with people from across the spectrum, covering hot topics such as leadership, innovation, fundraising, current affairs and first-world problems over a pint or two.

Cracking Charity Chat from Beth Crackles is for those in the sector who want who want to hear from senior colleagues across the sector with each podcast giving examples of how things have worked in practice, demonstrating how good leaders approach the given subject area, and providing tips that people can apply in their own organisation. Beth’s most recent guest was Matthew Sherrington, a strategy and communications expert (Inspiring Action) chatting about his time at Oxfam, and Greenpeace USA, aligning strategy, comms, fundraising and campaigning and other big topics.

For something completely off the wall, try Four Fundraisers Talk **** – a written podcast that once a week sees good friends (and fundraising experts) Beate Sørum, Simon Scriver, Jen Love and John Lepp sit down on opposite sides of the Atlantic and chat about something reasonably fundraising related – such as Giving Tuesday, branding, and sexual harassment in the sector, which they then share. Check out the episode guide here, and it also has a helpful ‘What did I just read?’ section that explains the concept.

Over on Facebook, Fundraising Chat is an excellent group where those working in the sector can ask any question they like – from how to write a funding proposal, to what to do with too many charity places for an event, and what contactless or CRM solutions people recommend. It’s a hugely supportive forum that sees people give very generously of their time and expertise to help others.

There are also some great events. Pizza for Losers is ‘the failure inspired learning event for the charity sector’. Founded in 2019 by ‘Charity Nikki’  (Nikki Bell) to answer the need for honest and open conversations around failure, it offers a mailing list for regular failure survival tips, a really interesting podcast and occasional events – including pizza. Two are currently scheduled for June in the UK, taking place in Sheffield and London.

Fundraising Everywhere is the incredibly useful (and practical) virtual conference created to bring quality, affordable fundraising training to fundraisers across the world and hosted by Nikki Bell and Simon Scriver with a great variety of speakers, You can join from wherever you are, speakers are from around the world and subtitles are available in English, Spanish and Chinese, and all conference session are available after the event so people can also catch up in their own time. As well as two annual conferences, there are monthly webinars, and virtual support. The next events are the Fundraising Everywhere Festival in May, and Fundraising Everywhere Conference in November.

And finally, SOFII’s I Wish I’d Thought of That (IWITOT) has been running annually since 2012, and the 2020 event takes place in London on 21 April. It celebrates fundraising greatness and innovation and sees fundraising specialists present an idea that they feel changed the face of the sector, that’s replicable, and that everyone can learn from. Crucially, the idea cannot be their own, and at the end of the night, the audience votes to pick the winning presentation and idea. 2019’s event saw 18 fundraisers present the campaign they wish they’d thought of, with British Red Cross’s Camille St Omer Donaldson winning for her presentation on the Bloody Good Period campaign.

There are no doubt many more we haven’t yet come across, so do let us know if any of your favourites aren’t on the list!

Julie PentecostFrom podcasts to virtual events: 10 great sources of fundraising help & inspiration you might not know about
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