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3 Things We Love About The Queen

The Perfect Hostess 

The Queen has thrown rather a lot of garden parties making her the ultimate hostess. These garden parties are seen as one of the most relaxed Royal events that takes place every summer. At least three are hosted at Buckingham palace as well as one at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh. These parties have been held at Buckingham palace since the 1860s, attended by people from all professions. Most importantly however, tea and cake is involved!

Her London Olympics Stunt 

A lot of people will remember the London Olympics when a four and a half minute film was played featuring Daniel Craig as James Bond and The Queen. The scene was set in her private study at Buckingham Palace, where she was shown briefing 007 on a ‘secret mission’. The Queen was seen leaving the palace with Bond and then clambering aboard a helicopter. Then came the moment that everyone will remember forever, the Queen (a stunt double) parachuting out of the chopper into the Olympic stadium at the opening ceremony.

Her Passion 

The Queen is admired for her passion towards certain things. Most famously we know of her passion for her Corgis. The Queen is also known for her love of horses, she has successfully bred horses that have gone on to win more than 1,600 races. Family is also important to The Queen. Prince William praises her for ‘kindness and sense of humor’ and her love of family and the home. And finally The Queen is passionate about her duty as The Queen, she is now the longest reigning monarch and still smiling!

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"Courtesy Ronald Reagan Library."

“Courtesy Ronald Reagan Library.”

Polly Bolitho3 Things We Love About The Queen
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