Bethany Hibbs

Employee Spotlight: Julie’s time to Shine

  Julie has been with The Online Book Company since its formation and has played a pivotal in developing not only the books, but other areas of the business such as customer service standards and staff training. But most of all, Julie is a fantastic person to work with and keeps everyone in the office smiling

Controversial ‘Top Tips’ for Surviving the Workplace

In every office, there are undertones of office politics. These help determine who makes the tea, who empties the bins, even where we sit and when we take our lunch breaks. Guy Browning, in his book ‘Office Politics: How work really works’ offers some…interesting if not rather controversial top tips that can help us all

Employee Spotlight: Introducing Mr Harry Haward

For our first ‘Employee Spotlight’ feature, Bethany ‘interviewed’ a very unnerved Harry, but it turns out the questions weren’t as bad as he had anticipated! We hope that you enjoy getting to know us all a little better, and that you like reading Harry’s story as much as we all enjoy working with him.So with no

Plan your Weekend as you Plan your Week!

We all know how important it is to plan your week at work. Daily ‘To Do’ lists scattered on desks; post it notes stuck to everything, salesforce prompting calls to clients. Without planning, ‘doing business’ falls apart, time is wasted and people get distracted, working without cause or structure is just silly. And so we

When Digital Meets Physical

 We live in an increasingly digital world, but tangibility still matters. It may seem somewhat of a surprise for a digital company to suggest something so shocking…but there is a reason we all have a box of letters stashed in a cupboard at home somewhere! Nothing feels as wonderful as knowing someone, somewhere is thinking

A Roaring Success: The Born Free Foundation

The lion, represents, courage, wisdom, dignity, justice, authority and more. However these qualities and symbolism make the lion to a few, an attractive animal to ‘hunt’. Hence, illustrating the reasons behind the worldwide uproar (pardon the pun), when American dentist Walter Palmer, ‘hunted’ and killed Cecil the lion. The plight of the lion is however,

Waterloo 200 Schools

 Here, we see pupils and teachers acting as representatives for the some 200 schools, from throughout the country who were invited to attend the 200th anniversary service that took place at St Paul’s Cathedral last week. The feedback from The Waterloo 200 schools who have been interacting with the Online Book we created for the event

Waterloo Soldiers Become Chelsea Pensioners

This amazing 135 year-old photograph, unearthed at the Royal Hospital Chelsea and now on display at Windsor Castle, is a real treasure. It shows five men, ‘the last survivors’ of The Battle of Waterloo, posing for a photograph , 65 years after the battle ceased. Included in the photo (and at 95 the eldest at

Setting off for the National Funeral Exhibition

The last few weeks for The Online Book Company have been very busy. We have all been gearing up, and getting set to exhibit at the National Funeral Exhibition taking Place at Stoneleigh, between the 12th and 14th of June. The NFE is a bi-annual exhibition that attracts a range of people involved in the Funeral