Polly Bolitho

World Obesity Day

Today is World Obesity Day. Did you know, 3.28 million schoolchildren in the UK are expected to be overweight or obese by 2025? This year, World Obesity Day aims to – “Increase knowledge and understanding of the challenge of obesity, and what can and should be done to overcome it. Encourage member associations and supporters

CHSW Moonlight Memory Walk

“Children’s hospices are places of wonder and happiness, filled with children and parents alike all of whom are truly inspirational” – CHSW Children’s Hospice South West is an inspirational charity, providing care and support for children with life-limiting conditions and their families across the south-west. With three hospices in operation, including Little Bridge House in North

Remembering Squadron Leader Harry Pears

Squadron Leader Harry Pears DFC, passed away just two months before his 93rd birthday. Harry Pears was a former World War 2 and a Royal Air Force fighter pilot after the war, as well as an Air Training Corps Civilian Instructor. At the young age of 18, Harry began his career by volunteering for service

The Re-launch of The Royal Signals Association Memorial Book

The Royal Signals Association was established in 1920 not long after the formation of the Corps from the Royal Engineers. The Association provides comfort and relief to all Signalers both past and present, during hardship and times of need. This support is achieved by the Royal Signals Benevolent Fund (RSBF). “This is an active charity

Why Facebook is good for Charitable Fundraising

The way we communicate with each other has changed, it is more common to communicate through social media, however, it is also harder to keep attention as people can now just easily ‘switch off’. But what happens when you are a charity? How do you get across what you need to in order to get

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Cornwall

Arriving on a private jet, Prince William and Kate arrived in a very excited Cornwall last week for a 2-day visit. The Duke and Duchess are said to have spent the night in the stunning, 500 hundred-year-old, historical Restormal Manor, owned by the Duchy of Cornwall. On the Royal’s trip, they met up with many

Paignton Zoo’s giant Pokémon Hunt

What’s that rustling in the trees? When you visit a zoo, you usually expect to see Zebras, Lions and Monkeys, however, Paignton Zoo has recently become home to some more unusual animals, with thousands of hunters eager to catch them. It’s not what you might think… these unusual animals are in fact Pokémon, think Bulbasaurs,

The Life-Changing Work of Guide Dogs

In the year 1931, two exceptional women Muriel Crooke and Rosamund Bond organised the training of four of the first guide dogs. This later resulted in the world’s largest breeder and trainer of working dogs and one of the UK’s largest and most well-known charities. Today, Guide Dogs has helped more than 29,000 people to

Charlotte Dujardin Wins Gold

As Great Britain is wowing at the Rio Olympics we can’t help but think about how proud we are, not only of our athletes across the disciplines but of our latest project The Queen’s Birthday Book, which received birthday messages from some of Britain’s top athletes. Charlotte Dujardin, the woman of the moment, has just

The Fire Fighters Charity

To be a firefighter takes bravery, passion and a multitude of skills. Firefighters have the courage to sacrifice their own lives to save others.  Despite their outstanding abilities and bravery, thousands of firefighters are injured every year. The Fire Fighters Charity exists to support those firefighters who are affected. The award-winning charity that is situated