The Day The Online Book Company ‘Made a Mint’ …. To give away at the National Funeral Exhibition

 Today saw the delivery of some minty treats, to The Online Book Company Office, they really do look mint!

Beth (being ever so entrepreneurial), suggested that we should follow in the footsteps of the man who invented the Polo, (who made a mint) and sell them on!

But Julie, sensing a real ‘predicamint’ arising, said that we had a responsibility to spread minty fresh breath among all those who visit The Online Book Company at the National Funeral Exhibition. Harry said ‘Bah Humbug’ (just like the sheep who hated mints) but knew deep down that the mints would be a lovely thing to give to all those who come to see us, in Hall 1 stand 100 between the 12th and the 14th of June.


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Bethany HibbsThe Day The Online Book Company ‘Made a Mint’ …. To give away at the National Funeral Exhibition

Jonathan has a Royally Good Day

On the 28th of May Jonathan was lucky enough to attend a garden party at Buckingham Palace. The kind invitation to the special event was given to Jonathan in recognition of the work The Online Book Company has done for an Anglo/ US Charity, whose president just happens to be the Duke of Gloucester!

Jonathan told us all what a fantastic time he had, noting that it was a terrific occasion, adding ‘any anti-monarchist should’ve been there to witness the inspiration and joy bought to the faces of everyone by the Royal family!’.

Unfortunately there was a strict ‘no photographs’ policy at the Palace so Jonathan didn’t indulge in any ‘selfies’, but he has taken away some fantastic memories, having met some inspiring, generous and brave people that will last forever.new_bunting_-_1

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Bethany HibbsJonathan has a Royally Good Day

Building Fundraising Bricks

Building fundraising bricks

We were in Charleston South Carolina the other week at the American College of Building Arts. Here, our good friend Cary Briggs is demonstrating the art of making handmade fundraising bricks which will go on to be Wood fired. These bricks are very similar to the Colonial Williamsburg bricks which people using the Fort Mifflin Online Book we have created, can access, buy and have laid in the Memorial Pathway. Hence, the bricks become a great fundraising tool as well as a beautiful gift/ remembrance item for supporters of the cause.

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Jonathan HawardBuilding Fundraising Bricks