February 2021 – First Wednesday Newsletter

Farewell Captain Sir Tom Moore

We have this morning just launched and gifted an Online book of Remembrance for Captain Sir Tom Moore.

We thought this may be somewhere that not only you and your colleagues can contribute messages but is also an opportunity to offer the facility to engage with your own supporters by giving them the chance to do so too.

Usually our books are linked to a facility where people can make a donation to a charity. However, we think that Captain Sir Tom has done more than enough. This book is for Captain Sir Tom alone and is where people can leave a message or thoughts of how they may have been inspired by such a wonderful gentleman.

This collection of appreciations and memories will serve as a reminder of how one man’s gentle determination raised the spirits of the Nation. The book can be accessed from the link below:-


The pages in the book infinitely expand so, there is no limit to the number of messages that can be left. Pictures and drawings can be uploaded too. Please feel free to spread the word both far and wide.

Please do let me know if you have any questions.

With best wishes,

Jonathan, Julie, Tim and Harry

A magical sunset on the Isles of Scilly

A magical sunset on the Isles of Scilly

We would love to show you more and can happily set up a screen sharing call at a time to suit. Just click here to drop us an E mail with your best contact number and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable time.

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Julie PentecostFebruary 2021 – First Wednesday Newsletter

January 2021 – First Wednesday Newsletter

the online book company platform

Happy New Year and a warm welcome to the 1st of the 2021 First Wednesday Newsletters.

Wind the clock back 12 months, few would have believed the global devastation the pandemic has inflicted on families, individuals and organisation’s throughout the world.

As a service provider to both many different companies, charities and organisations across the globe, it has been fascinating and often inspiring to see how many organisations have boldly and successfully embraced change and adapted technology and using it to their permanent advantage.

We have seen organisations using our Online books for supporter recognition, storytelling, engagement and fundraising.

We have been amazed 100’s of thousands of messages have been left. read and shared. Many of these by a demographic whose IT skills have been honed and are a lifeline through which they can keep in touch with their friends and family or to order their groceries.

Some of the stories make us smile, others make us reflect and others leave a lumps in our throats.

One item that particularly caught our eye, a truly amazing and very moving “get well” video that was made by the colleagues of a lovely sounding man by the name of Gary Wilson.

a video tribute to Gary

There are countless other stories of gratitude, remembrance, celebration, recognition, fundraising and much more besides.

Throughout January, we will be holding one-to-one Zoom meetings to show you how different organisations have successfully embraced technology to their great advantage.

These meetings are for those interested in finding out more about how organisations are using books as part of their Legacy engagement, supporter recognition, storytelling, fundraising and much more besides.

There is absolutely no obligation here and with the imminent arrival of our second platform, there need be no cost to your organisation either.

This is a great opportunity to informally find out more about what we can do for you. The call can take as little as 10 mins

Please request a meeting by clicking on the on the Link below and E mailing your contact details after which time we will be in touch to set up a time that works.

We look forward to hearing from you.

A few moments of Winter Light… Perranporth, Cornwall

A few moments of Winter Light…Perranporth, Cornwall

We would love to show you more and can happily set up a screen sharing call at a time to suit. Just click here to drop us an E mail with your best contact number and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable time.

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Julie PentecostJanuary 2021 – First Wednesday Newsletter

December 2020 – First Wednesday Newsletter

The Online Book Company video newsletter

The Online Book Company December 2020 Newsletter from The Online Book Company on Vimeo

Click on these links to view the books referred to in the Newsletter

Fishermen’s Mission
Leprosy Mission
Bury Hospice

Truro Cathedral….An oasis of tranquility in the run up to Christmas

Truro Cathedral….An oasis of tranquility in the run up to Christmas

Breaking surf, Chapel Porth, Cornwall

Breaking surf, Chapel Porth, Cornwall

We would love to show you more and can happily set up a screen sharing call at a time to suit. Just click here to drop us an E mail with your best contact number and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable time.

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Julie PentecostDecember 2020 – First Wednesday Newsletter

November 2020 – First Wednesday Newsletter

the online book company platform

A fortuitous and most timely way to engage and raise funds

All of us I am sure are aware of the digital transformation that has been one of the unintended and permanently transformational consequences of the Lockdown.

What has been revealing for us is to see the enthusiasm to embrace this technology not only from our clients who are using the interactive Online Books for supporter retention and engagement but also, to see how these books have used by supporters.

For several years, we have working for number of Hospice clients helping with the gradual transition from a manual and paper driven “Light up a Life” appeal to a digital offering in the form of an Online Book. The books were set up in such a way that those supporters who were more comfortable with the cash donation approach could still be looked after. Indeed, the names of loved ones (if they wished) were also put into the book in recognition of their donation.

This year, with the majority of the Light up a Life services taking place online, the books for those who wish to remember their loved ones will come into their own.

if you have got a campaign running or planned and would like see how an Online Book could work for your campaign, then we shall be delighted to set up a screen share for you and show you what can be done.

Below are a couple of lovely examples of festive Light up a Life book covers created for The Highland and Willow Wood hospices whose Light up a Life campaigns are getting under way.

Light Up The Highlands, Highlands Hospice Willow Wood Hospice Light Up A Life 2020

For a little more information, about our books, this short Vimeo film may be most helpful.
Watch here

Blowing in the wind
Blowing in the wind

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Julie PentecostNovember 2020 – First Wednesday Newsletter

October 2020 – First Wednesday Newsletter

the online book company platform

A fortuitous and most timely way to engage and raise funds

For the last decade or so, The Online Book Company has been creating interactive online books which worldwide organisations, large and small, have been using for supporter retention, engagement and fundraising.

Since March 2020 the volume of traffic to our books has seen an exponential increase. Tens of thousands of people have contributed to them, creating increased engagement for the organisations concerned.

The link below takes you to a two-and-a-half-minute video which gives a quick and clear insight into what The Online Book Company does, and how it has benefited different organisations.

the online book company platform

Watch video

Over the last 18 months, we have been developing a new platform. The timing of it is fortuitous and we have created an exciting ultra low cost breakthrough for supporter engagement and most importantly, fundraising. This new platform will enable individuals to go online and create their own books. As with our traditional global Online Books, individuals can share their self-created books with family, friends and colleagues.

Each charity will be given the opportunity to have their own landing page. This page will contain fully branded and templated books of the charity’s own choice and design, which their supporters will be able to buy and create. There is no limit to the type of book that can be created. Examples are legion, but storytelling, fund raising, supporter stories, cataloguing historical events, weddings, remembrance, ‘Thank-yous’ and memorials are just a few examples.

There are three ways the charity can make money:

  • Firstly, the supporter pays £15 (inc. VAT) for the online book and then the charity gets £5 by way of a donation.
  • Secondly, the books can be set up with donation links taking contributors and readers directly to your fundraising pages.
  • And finally, as and when the supporter wishes, they can arrange to have the book printed. This also gives rise to an additional revenue sharing opportunity.

As far as costs are concerned, there is a one-off set up cost of £500 + VAT, which is being waived for our current clients. For that you get a bespoke service from our wonderful team in Cornwall. In the month following books being purchased, the revenue stream back to your organisation starts flowing.

We thought it important that you should know about it, even if this project doesn’t come under your direct remit. We would appreciate if you could kindly forward it to the relevant individual(s) in your organisation for their consideration.

We would love to show you more and can happily set up a screen sharing call at a time to suit. Just click here to drop us an E mail with your best contact number and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable time.
Storm Alex brings joy to the Kite Surfers in St. Ives Bay

Storm Alex brings joy to the Kite Surfers in St. Ives Bay

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Julie PentecostOctober 2020 – First Wednesday Newsletter

September 2020 – First Wednesday Newsletter

Tributes to Tony Morris of ITV News

In early August, we were contacted by ITV/Granada with the sad news that Tony Morris, a much admired Manchester Based presenter, had very sadly died. With a dedicated team put on to the case, we were able to create this personalised Online Book, after the announcement on the evening news we received literally thousands of tributes from all over the UK.

No one has to be a celebrity to have the own book created. During recent months, many similar books have been created for those who have lost loved ones. Through the median of an Online Book, friends, colleagues and relations from all over the world have been able to leave messages of remembrance and/or condolence and in so doing bring comfort to family and those left behind.

Each of these books can have a fundraising link and could incorporate your logo too. They start from as little as £35 and depending on the complexity, can typically be turned around within 24/48 hrs.

It will soon be Last calls for Light Up A Life
With many Light up a Life/Lights of Love services going Virtual, work has started on producing Light up a Life books for Hospices. This is where people can donate money online and leave a dedication for their Loved one, which then appears in the Online Book. If you would like to find out more and set up a screenshare, then please click on this enquiry link and we will call you back.

Godrevy Lighthouse on a beautiful Bank Holiday Monday

Godrevy Lighthouse on a beautiful Bank Holiday Monday

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Julie PentecostSeptember 2020 – First Wednesday Newsletter

We have moved!

Due to lockdown, we’ve spent the past few months working from home. So, we decided to take advantage of a break clause in our lease and chose to move out of the office on a trial basis!

All of this has taken a bit of planning and adjusting. What do we do with all our company “stuff” that accumulated over years? What happens to our beloved coffee machine, the photocopier, the shredder, the office Xmas decorations, the company memorabilia and all that sort of stuff?

office in a box

In what has been an extremely useful exercise, we’ve had a thorough sort out and moved our office into a container. As you can see from the picture, some strategic planning has been applied to the storage so that we can get easy access to the filing cabinets as and when we need it!

This is all made much easier by the fact that none of us have the challenge of having children who are dependent on home education.

We are a close team and have regular calls in the day. We enjoy spending time in each other’s company. We’re hoping that, with the continuing decline in new covid numbers, that we’ll be able to meet every couple of weeks for a working lunch so that we can have that all important social catch up!

Incidentally, all our contact details remain the same
Phone +44 (0) 1872 226800

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Julie PentecostWe have moved!

We all like to remember

But more than that – we want to remember, thank and honour those wonderful people who have done something special for us and indeed to remember those who are no longer with us.

Our remembrance books are a unique way to honour and recognise your supporters, legators or quite simply to say thank you.

We’ve recently created a short video which shows just some of the Individual books we have built during the Lockdown. These books can easily be made available to your supporters at no cost to you with an optional fundraising link that will ensure you receive donations.

There’s so much more we would like to share with you, including news of our new platform! On this platform, individuals and organisations can use their own creative flair to make online books complete with their own logo and branding.

If you would like any more information about our books, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@theonlinebookcompany.com

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Julie PentecostWe all like to remember

1.9 Million Strawberries Come to a Sticky End

When life gives you strawberries… Make strawberry jam!

Wimbledon bosses earlier announced that they were cancelling the championships for the first time since the second world war. Of course, Wimbledon wouldn’t be Wimbledon without endless portions of strawberries served with cream. So, to avoid all that fruit going to waste, bosses came up with a solution…

Each year fans consume around 1.9 million strawberries at Wimbledon, but with this year’s tournament no longer going ahead, 750kg of those strawberries are going to be made into a special preserve to mark the tournament this year. The remainder of those strawberries are being donated to foodbanks and schools, so nothing goes to waste.

Perhaps not the way fans were expecting to enjoy the games this year, but perfect for a lovely cream tea in the garden.

Wimbledon haven’t been the only people making big changes…

“All things Virtual is where the future is…if We can’t operate in the Digital economy, we may not be able to Operate in any economy.”  BBC Radio 4 Sat 27 June

“Lockdown may leave a lasting digital legacy. Coronavirus has radically changed the way we live, work and communicate online.” Ofcom’s Director of strategy and research Yih-Choung Teh

As a company that has been building digital products for supporter engagement for more than a decade, we were amazed that as the lockdown started to hit, an increasing number of charities together with national and international companies approached us all of whom had one thing in common. That was to have an effective means of communication for the retention, engagement, acknowledgement, and appreciation of fundraising. We are so pleased to have been able to help.

Necessity really has been the mother of Innovation! The books we have created have received tens of thousands of messages all of which have helped charities keep their audiences engaged and reminded of the valuable support they provide, especially in days such as these. Fundraising, engaging support and giving us the opportunity to give thanks for their incredible work.

These books covered everything from Legacy Recognition, In Memoriam books and Light up a Life books which can be adapted for other campaigns.

We would love to show you some of the work have been doing for  NHS Trusts, new Initiatives for Hospices, how Legacy recognition has demonstrably worked and much more.

To find out more, we would love to set up a screen sharing call and show you some of the opportunities we have already created.

There is no obligation and it would be lovely to hear your feedback too.

To set this up, please drop me an E mail, we can set up a call.

I very much look forward to hearing from you..

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Julie Pentecost1.9 Million Strawberries Come to a Sticky End

Thanking supporters of The Injured Jockeys Fund’s Peter O’Sullevan House Project

The Injured Jockeys Fund was founded following two devastating accidents at Aintree Racecourse in the 1960s. Firstly that of jockey Tim Brookshaw, and then four months later Paddy Farrell in the 1964 Grand National, both of which resulted in severe paralysis.

The Fund helps any rider who holds, or has held, a Professional or Amateur licence issued by the British Horseracing Authority, including any spouse, partner, child or dependant they may have. Since it was founded, it has helped over 1,000 jockeys and their families, contributing more than £18 million, and providing support at many levels including physio, strength and conditioning, nutritional advice, sports psychology and general pastoral care.

The Peter O'Sullevan House

It provides much of this support through its three rehabilitation and fitness centres. The most recent, Peter O’Sullevan House in Newmarket, Suffolk, opened on 12 August this year and, located next to the British Racing School, and will offer state-of-the-art facilities including physio treatment rooms, a hydrotherapy pool, and a gym.

hydrotherpy pool

To raise the sizeable amount needed to develop Peter O’Sullevan House, named after the well-known ‘Voice of Racing’ commentator, the charity launched a successful fundraising campaign, and to show its gratitude to its supporters and benefactors, recently launched an Online Book listing each one.

As well as donors’ names, the book also explains the Fund’s history, and contains information on the project. Pictures include one of the centre, as well as of a sculpture created by artist Tom Hill from 800 horseshoes, each one holding the name of a member of the public who donated £100 or more.

Tom Hill horseshoe sculpture

You can take a look at the book here.

Contact Us – personal Online Book enquiry form.

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Julie PentecostThanking supporters of The Injured Jockeys Fund’s Peter O’Sullevan House Project