John Deere Limited wishes The Queen a Happy Birthday

John Deere Limited wishes The Queen a Happy Birthday

We have had many lovely and inspirational birthday messages for The Queen in The Queen’s Birthday Book. Members of the public have been really showing their appreciation towards The Queen by sending in truly heartfelt messages, poems, and photographs of themselves, their families and pictures of their experiences with The Queen. The Online Birthday Book has received messages from various different countries, showing worldwide appreciation. The adoration The Queen appears to have received for her 90th birthday is simply outstanding.

We would like to thank ‘John Deere Limited’ for their birthday message and fantastic photograph of The Queen at the John Deere Limited stand at the Royal Smithfield Show in London in the 1970s.

“Happy 90th birthday Your Majesty! As proud holders of the Royal Warrant, and as we celebrate our own 50th birthday in the United Kingdom, we at John Deere Limited send our warmest congratulations and wish you many happy returns in this momentous year for you and your family.”

You can also leave your very own birthday message in The Queen’s Birthday Book here.

John Deere

Photo caption: Her Majesty The Queen visits the John Deere stand at the Royal Smithfield Show in London in the 1970s

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Polly BolithoJohn Deere Limited wishes The Queen a Happy Birthday

The Queen’s Childhood

The Queen’s Childhood

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born on the 21st April in 1926 at 2:40am at 17 Bruton Street in Mayfair, London. Who knew that one day Princess Elizabeth’s would become Queen.

She is name after her grandmother, Queen Mary and her great-grandmother, Queen Alexandra. In 1930, Princess Margaret Rose was born, the family of four were very close.

When Princess Elizabeth was six, the family moved into Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park making it their home. The Princess had her own small house that was gifted to her by the people of Wales in 1932, Y Bwthyn Bach (The Little Cottage).

Elizabeth, nickname Lilibet, and her sister Margaret were home schooled by tutors. Their education included French, maths and history, with art, dancing and singing lessons also involved.

The Princess’s childhood revolved around bicycles and pets, including two grey ponies and the first of many corgis that would grow to be a big part of The Queen’s life.

When King George V, The Princess’s grandfather died in 1936, his oldest son King Edward VIII became King, however decided to abdicate from the throne to marry Mrs Willis Simpson. This led to Princess Elizabeth’s father, King George VI acceding to the throne in 1937. From then on Princess Elizabeth, began to receive more public interest as she was then first in line to the throne.

Find out more about The Queen next week, in the mean time why don’t you wish her a Happy Birthday in The Queen’s Birthday Book.

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Polly BolithoThe Queen’s Childhood

The Advantages of being The Queen

The Advantages of being The Queen

Have you ever wondered what the advantages of being The Queen are? Find out in our latest blog

She has two birthdays

The Queen celebrates her actual birthday on the 21st of April and her official public birthday on a Saturday in June. This was created to increase the likelihood of good weather for the Trooping the Colour Parade, which takes place for The Queen’s birthday.

She doesn’t need a driver’s license or passport

British passports and driving licenses are in the name of Her Majesty; therefore it is unnecessary for The Queen to own either. The Queen is known to take her Range Rover out for a drive now and then and has travelled all over the world.

The holder of a massive art collection

The Queen has an Art collection of 150,000 paintings painted by artists such as Rubens and Rembrandt.

She owns all of the Swans in The River Thames

Technically, all unmarked swans in open water belong to The Queen, but she only exercises her ownership on certain parts of the Thames and surrounding areas. This tradition is observed during the yearly ‘Swan Upping’, which involves each Swan in the River Thames being ringed as part of the census of the swan population.

She has dominion over all Dolphins in British waters

The Queen actually owns all of the Sturgeons, Whales and Dolphins in the British waters. This is a rule that dates back to King Edward II’s reign.

One of the best horse breeders 

The Queen has been a horse lover all of her life and is still riding at the age of 89. The Queen has successfully bred horses that have gone on to win more than 1,600 races. She also breeds native ponies.

She has her own private cash machine

The Queen has her own private cash machine in the basement of Buckingham Palace installed for the use of the Royal Family. It is provided by one of Britain most prestigious bank, Coutts.

She can create lords 

The Queen has the power to appoint Lords, who can sit in the Parliament.

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Katherine GeorgeThe Advantages of being The Queen

Lighting of The Beacon

Her Majesty The Queen will be celebrating her 90th official birthday on April 21st and her public birthday in June. On April 21st people from across the country will be invited to burn a beacon in honour of The Queen’s birthday. A beacon is a device used to attract attention to a specific location and in some cases it is used as an indicator to provide important information such as a weather beacon. Beacons can be considered as a form of optical telegraphy.

In honour of The Queen, beacons will be lit throughout the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and UK Overseas Territories. There are three types of beacons that can be used; these include the traditional bonfire beacon, a beacon brazier on top of a tall wooden post and a gas-fuelled beacon, formally used for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 and VE Day in May 2015.

If however you can not get to a beacon or it is not something you would like to do, there is another way to honour Her Majesty The Queen on her birthday. The Queen’s Birthday Book is a unique opportunity for you to send Her Majesty your good wishes, relay personal reminiscences and perhaps include any treasured photos and videos. To leave your message, simply go to www.thequeensbirthdaybook.com and follow the instructions.


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Polly BolithoLighting of The Beacon

10 Interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth II

10 Interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth II 

1. She speaks fluent French; she uses the language during state visits without the requirement of an interpreter.

2. She is supposedly the only British Monarch fully trained on how to change a spark plug. She was trained as a member of the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service during World War II.

3. She was the first member of the Royal family to receive a Gold disk from the recording industry. This was because of the release of ‘Party at the Palace’ produced by EMI, which sold 100,000 copies within the first week.

4. The Queen has owned more than 30 Corgis during her reign. Her corgis are bred from her Pembroke Corgi named Susan given to the Queen for her 18th birthday. Ever since then Corgis have always been a part of the Queens life. Her remaining two Corgis are Holly and Willow who are now 12.

5. At her Coronation her robes were so heavy that she asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to ‘give her a push’ saying: “Get me started”.

6. In 1958 The Queen put on a mining outfit and went 500 feet underground at Rothes Colliery.

7. Her nickname as a child was Lilibet, this was because she could not pronounce “Elizabeth” properly.

8. Rather than buying new ones, The Queen gets her staff to repair worn-out curtains, bed sheets and carpets. She does not like to see things wasted.

9. In 1960 when Prince Andrew was born, Queen Elizabeth II became the first reigning sovereign to have a child since Queen Victoria in 1857.

10. Queen II Elizabeth has visited Australia 16 times, Canada 22 times, Jamaica six times and New Zealand 10 times, but she doesn’t have or need a passport.

Don’t forget you can wish Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II a Happy 90th Birthday in The Queen’s Birthday Book here.

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Katherine George10 Interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth II

3 Things We Love About The Queen

The Perfect Hostess 

The Queen has thrown rather a lot of garden parties making her the ultimate hostess. These garden parties are seen as one of the most relaxed Royal events that takes place every summer. At least three are hosted at Buckingham palace as well as one at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh. These parties have been held at Buckingham palace since the 1860s, attended by people from all professions. Most importantly however, tea and cake is involved!

Her London Olympics Stunt 

A lot of people will remember the London Olympics when a four and a half minute film was played featuring Daniel Craig as James Bond and The Queen. The scene was set in her private study at Buckingham Palace, where she was shown briefing 007 on a ‘secret mission’. The Queen was seen leaving the palace with Bond and then clambering aboard a helicopter. Then came the moment that everyone will remember forever, the Queen (a stunt double) parachuting out of the chopper into the Olympic stadium at the opening ceremony.

Her Passion 

The Queen is admired for her passion towards certain things. Most famously we know of her passion for her Corgis. The Queen is also known for her love of horses, she has successfully bred horses that have gone on to win more than 1,600 races. Family is also important to The Queen. Prince William praises her for ‘kindness and sense of humor’ and her love of family and the home. And finally The Queen is passionate about her duty as The Queen, she is now the longest reigning monarch and still smiling!

Don’t forget to leave a message to wish The Queen a Happy Birthday at www.TheQueensBirthdayBook.com

"Courtesy Ronald Reagan Library."

“Courtesy Ronald Reagan Library.”

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Polly Bolitho3 Things We Love About The Queen

Behind the Scenes of The Queen’s Birthday Book

We are keeping busy here at The Online Book Company, working hard to honour Her Majesty The Queen on her 90th birthday. We have been working around the clock in order to make sure the book is as perfect as it possibly can be for you to leave your heartfelt good wishes and fond memories of our much-loved Sovereign. Not only this, but we have been sending out beautifully embellished special letters to charities to cordially invite them to be part of the project through fundraising opportunities.


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Polly BolithoBehind the Scenes of The Queen’s Birthday Book

Sshh! Don’t tell the Queen…

Don’t say a word, but here at The Online Book Company we’ve been working on something very special to honour our Queen on her 90th birthday. Naturally, we’re pulling out all the stops and doing what we do best, by creating a big, dedicated online birthday book to celebrate Her Majesty’s very special day and landmark year.

We believe that The Queen will be overjoyed to open up her own online birthday book where she’ll find a whole world of heartfelt good wishes, fond memories and captured moments of a long and remarkable life as our much-loved monarch. So, what better way to show your appreciation of the Queen than to send your own personal message for inclusion in her online birthday book and be part of her big birthday surprise?

As we celebrate her life as our longest reigning sovereign, this is a unique opportunity for you to send Her Majesty your good wishes, relay personal reminiscences and perhaps include any treasured photos or videos.  To leave your message, simply go to www.thequeensbirthdaybook.com and follow the instructions. Remember, if you’re charity which benefits from the Queen’s patronage, keep an eye on social media and a letter in the post about fundraising opportunities!


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Polly BolithoSshh! Don’t tell the Queen…

Employee Spotlight: Julie’s time to Shine

Julie with Kate Bottley at the NFE


Julie has been with The Online Book Company since its formation and has played a pivotal in developing not only the books, but other areas of the business such as customer service standards and staff training. But most of all, Julie is a fantastic person to work with and keeps everyone in the office smiling with her positive attitude and sense of fun! Here’s what Julie had to say about being an employee of The Online Book Company and life in general…

What I like best about working for TOLBC…

The very different organisations we make contact with and the lovely people we meet and work with.

Best Job?

Contacting clients

Worst Job?

Tidying the ‘shared’ kitchen.

I’m happiest when…

Everyone else is happy.

I’m proudest of…

Setting up and achieving ISO9001 and ISO27001 status.

Favourite pastime?

Probably cooking or gardening – nothing very exciting

Best holiday


‘Before I die I would like to’

Visit South Africa and also Italy

Favourite song, movie and book?

Ooh! Difficult to choose, but today my favourites would be:

Movie – The Secret Garden

 Book – Labyrinth by Kate Moss

Song- Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Surprising/funny fact about myself…

I used to play the violin!

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Bethany HibbsEmployee Spotlight: Julie’s time to Shine

Controversial ‘Top Tips’ for Surviving the Workplace

In every office, there are undertones of office politics. These help determine who makes the tea, who empties the bins, even where we sit and when we take our lunch breaks. Guy Browning, in his book ‘Office Politics: How work really works’ offers some…interesting if not rather controversial top tips that can help us all to survive the office. Would you follow his advice?

Here I share a few of my favourites but you can view all 20 Top Tips by visiting the link below:

20 Top Tips

Never offer to make the Coffee (Or Tea)

‘In an open plan office, there is a ritual where everyone waits hours for the first person to say ‘Who wants a coffee?’. That person then finds themselves in the kitchen working as a junior catering manager.’

Now…I have to admit that Harry and I do tend to make the majority of the tea and coffee throughout the day. Personally, I enjoy taking ten minutes to pop to the kitchen and have a chat with whoever happens to be in there too. Just call me ‘Junior Catering Manager Hibbs’.


Ignore all Emails

‘Working in a post room is not generally a career choice for most people, yet with the epidemic of email, most people spend half their working lives slaving away in their own personal computer post room. Most emails are biodegradable, however if you let them sink to the bottom of the pile and go unanswered they will eventually become irrelevant. If something really matters, the person who sent it will eventually call you to ask about it.’

Probably true, if something was pressing you’ll be shouted at or called. Not very professional though is it really, so I think I’ll stick to being responsive thanks Guy.

Remember Less is More

‘You would think that lazy people would form an inert mass at the bottom of an organisation. On the contrary they are found at all levels in business. The reason for this is simple, when something goes wrong in business it’s generally because someone somewhere has tried to do something. Obviously, if you don’t do anything you can’t be blamed when it goes wrong.’

Perhaps, if you haven’t done something you can’t be blamed for it….but what if you didn’t do something and that was what caused something else to go wrong? Now we have a problem.

In all, I’m not sure that I will be taking any of Guy’s advice here simply because life at work would be pretty dull if I didn’t make the tea, answer emails and do ‘something’! Making the drinks and washing the dishes in the shared kitchen puts me into contact with people from a range of businesses in the building we share, all with their own stories and general chit chat, and that’s what the office workplace is all about!

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Bethany HibbsControversial ‘Top Tips’ for Surviving the Workplace