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£ 75 Inc. VAT

  • Ideal for birthdays anniversaries and leaving messages of condolence.
  • Choose from 10 preset colours
  • Double page introduction
  • Three messages per page
  • 500 character per message
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy message submission
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£ 150 Inc. VAT

  • Ideal for special events engaging with a group of people in a common cause.
  • Everything in CLASSIC plus ..
  • Photos and Videos in messages
  • Customisable background
  • Optional message moderation
  • Charity donations feature
  • Front cover
  • Social sharing links
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Or call +44 (0)1872 226800 to discuss your requirements.

Fully Bespoke


  • A bespoke solution ideal for larger events charities and other organisations.
  • Everything in PREMIUM plus ..
  • Google Analytics
  • Customisable front cover
  • Custom fonts and colours
  • Pro admin system
  • Book marketing pack
  • … and much more.
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A Few Examples...

By going to Our Books section you can take a look at some of the books we have created for charities, organisations as well as individual projects and see some of the features.

Inauguration of Hougoumont Farm

Inauguration of Hougoumont Farm

This book is fully illustrated with photographs by Don Wales from the Inauguration of Hougoumont Farm following its 3.8 Million Euro restoration including memorial of the closing of the North Gate. It also shows a famous handshake between descendants of Napoleon, Blucher and Wellington demonstrating the enduring peace since 1945. This is a digital version of the two

The Queen’s 90th Birthday Book

The Queen’s 90th Birthday Book

The Queen’s Birthday Book contains birthday messages from thousands of people form over 65 countries around the Globe. Some short, some long, all messages share personal thoughts about what Her Majesty has contributed in her reign as the longest serving monarch and oldest sovereign. Contact Us – personal Online Book enquiry form.

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