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Employee Spotlight: Introducing Mr Harry Haward

For our first ‘Employee Spotlight’ feature, Bethany ‘interviewed’ a very unnerved Harry, but it turns out the questions weren’t as bad as he had anticipated!

We hope that you enjoy getting to know us all a little better, and that you like reading Harry’s story as much as we all enjoy working with him.So with no further ado, I introduce to you all, Mr Harry Haward, age 29 from Truro!

Harry outside of TIC

Harry outside of TIC

What is your role at TOLBC?

My role at the Online Book Company is largely about sales generation, it is my job to contact Charities and Organisations and make that initial contact to hopefully get them on board as clients.

Before working at TOLBC what was the most unusual/interesting job you had?

Before working at TOLBC I worked at Iceland Frozen Foods in addition to being a Special Constable, which was a real buzz for me and I particularly enjoyed making the ‘Blue Light runs’.

Describe TOLBC in 3 Words

Unique, Engaging and Empowering

What element of your role have you found most challenging?

Answering these sorts of questions!

What do you enjoy most about working for TOLBC?

I enjoy talking to the Customers the most, reaching out to them and engaging with them, I like to look for practical solutions as to how we can help them and develop a good working relationship.

What has been your favourite project so far?

My favourite project to date has been the Jubilee Hour project, which was a Nationwide Initiative we launched at the time of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, where people would pledged 60 minutes of their time, doing some legal, decent and honest to mark the Queen’s 60 years on the Throne.  The project became the largest mobilisation of volunteers since World War 2 and this was formerly recognised by Number 10 Downing Street and MP Eric Pickles invited us to a Tea inside the House of Commons

Where would you go for your dream holiday?

My dream Holiday would be to go to New Zealand as I have seen some really interesting pictures of the landscape there and have heard a lot of stories of the relaxed life out there.

‘I’m happiest when…’ 

I’m happiest when I am actively engaging with clients in my job and when I’m not working, I’m happiest when I’m with those I love and Cherish and taking part in my Rotary International work.

What did you want to be when growing up?

I have always wanted to be a Police Officer and this is something that I think I may well still pursue in the future, the Communication and Customer Service skills I have developed whilst being at TOLBC have been second to none.

What book did you last read?

I am a massive fan of the Jack Reacher Thrillers by Lee Child, Jack Reacher is an ex-military cop who goes round putting the World to right.  As the book’s blurb’s always say, he’s the sort of bloke who men want to be and woman want to be with!

Thank you to Harry for being the first member of the team to take part, keep your eyes peeled for the next employee to come under the spotlight, you never know what surprises we may have in store!

Bethany HibbsEmployee Spotlight: Introducing Mr Harry Haward
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