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From the dining room to the collection tin

Take a moment to think about life has changed over the past months.

The new office that used to be the dining room. The extra time spent with those closest to us. Home schooling, Zoom calls and Microsoft Teams – everyone’s been learning.

If there’s one thing we can say for certain today it’s that the digital revolution has only accelerated in the wake of Covid-19. The charity sector has embraced this by creating new, digital solutions to fundraising and continuing their crucial and essential work online.

We are really proud to be working with so many charities and we have developed a means of furthering this work in our new digital world. Since developing our exciting new platform that allows everyone to easily create online books, we wanted to offer you the opportunity to use our platform to help with fundraising. Your supporters will soon be able to create their own interactive online books from your charity. This costs your organisation literally nothing and allows you to gain a £5 donation for each new book created by your supporters.

Using our new platform from home over lockdown has given it the best possible testing we could have hoped for. It works by providing your customer with templates from which they can then customise and build their own book or collaborate with others in the creative process. These books exist online, so they can share these books with as many of their friends and family as they like. We believe this is a brilliant new way to allow charities to stay connected with their supporters on a low cost/no cost basis and safely share moments together in the digital world.

If you have further questions or would like to find out more please email who will be happy to discuss this further with you and arrange a virtual meeting and presentation.

We hope to be welcoming you very soon.

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Tim CFrom the dining room to the collection tin
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