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From celebrating a notable event, engaging with a group of supporters in a common cause, or quite simply to commemorate the memory of someone special or celebrate their birthday, leaving or retirement our Online books are increasingly being used in dynamic and novel ways.

The possibilities of what we can help you do and achieve with our online books are endless.

And remember, all data included in our online text is protected by ISO9001 and ISO27001 – we take data very seriously.

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What our customers say…”

  • I am very pleased with our online book, still to be reviewed once we start to get supporter responses. Will continue to work with The Online Book Company on this.

    Georgia – ABF, The Soldiers Charity
  • Through the online book company, we have created a wonderful book that celebrates those who have left us a gift in their Will. Being online it is accessible to all and means we can ensure families know how much we appreciate the gifts we receive. It was a great process and the team where available to help us at all times in the process.

    Rosie, Chestnut Tree House Development Fundraiser
  • The online book company was incredibly supportive in helping us achieve a fantastic online book, which celebrates all those who have supported us through a gift in their Will. It’s a book that will be appreciated by our supporters and their families.

    Rosie, St Barnabas House Development Fundraiser
  • The customer experience has been fantastic, both Julie and Tim have been very responsive and I have never had to wait any length of time for a response to queries, or for things within the book to be changed.

    West Cumbria Hospice
  • The online book was managed and installed with great efficiency. Updates have been similarly managed with ease and the back office administration is easy to manage.

    John – St Wilfrid’s Hospice
  • I have been delighted by the service we have received and would recommend without hesitation. Thank you so much for everything.

    East Cheshire Hospice
  • From start to finish we were very happy with everything to do with our online book and working with the Online Book Company. In addition to creating a top quality product, they are a lovely group of people to work with and have the patience of saints working to our peripatetic schedule. Would highly recommend.

    Valerie – Westminster Abbey
  • The end result is a very presentable looking book that is brilliant for relations of those listed on our memorial to interact with. We have had quite positive responses from individuals, and the book’s presence online has directed quite a few people to our website.

    The Museum of Army Flying
  • The team was really reactive and supportive, particularly when I moved the goalposts!

  • The purpose for the use of the e-book is somewhat different to the usual. We wanted to have a database, which could be accessed by visitors in the museum, showing the images and details of the medals awarded to members of our antecedent regiments for the Peninsular War and the Waterloo Campaign. We are very happy with the result, as well as the work and support that went in to its creation.

    The Royal Green Jackets
  • The Online Book Company have delivered an excellent online book for our Light Up A Life campaign but the most impressive thing has been their exemplary customer service. Nothing is too much trouble. Cannot recommend highly enough.

    Rachal – City Hospice Cardiff
  • The online memorial site through Friends & Relations (The Online Book Company) has been a most professionally run organisation that has been of great comfort to those of the family of Royal Engineers who have recently lost a loved one. We have found the staff very easy to work with and those who have used the site have nothing but praise for the concept and the product.

    Lt. Col. John R McLennan, Controller – Royal Engineers Association
  • I cannot praise enough the team for the professional way they approached and delivered the project. Throughout the process, from the very first exploratory meeting, there has been enthusiasm and positive reaction to all requests. All members I have met or spoken to made me feel that they want to be part of what I was trying to achieve. Alan House

    Alan – The Firefighters Memorial Trust
  • I just want to say a massive thank you to the online book company and all their amazing staff. They believed in me and Laughter Africa when Laughter was just a dream. They have been there every step of the way since February 2014 and have just been so supportive. I really do appreciate them and I can't thank them enough.

    James, founder of Laughter Africa
  • So grateful for the guidance and support from all the Team at Friends and Relations

    Anne – St Catherine’s Church Dublin
  • I must say I’m impressed, not surprised, just impressed. Like I said previously I had this feeling you had to do something similar for me some years ago, what impressed me was your willingness to respond over the Xmas break when clearly there was no urgency, so well done both of you.

    DF – Australia
  • Just looked through the On Line Book and I am blown away by how good it looks. What an incredible idea whoever came up with it in the first place. I found it easy to use and it looks simple enough to put things into it. I like the idea of being able to share it by common media platforms. I think this will really appeal  to the pupils. Top job all round. I'm looking forward to using it.

    Rich Kerridge..Waterloo 200 Schools Book
  • 'Thank you dearly. Your team has been nothing short of responsive, genuinely helpful and constructively creative.'

    Diane Fisher – American Liaison to ‘Yagil Avi’
  • 'Thank you for the kind service, we will really try to make it work for the benefit of the British Liver Trust.' Audrey Cornelius, Corporate and Trusts Fundraising Manager

    Audrey – British Liver Trust
  • We felt that by putting a Book of Remembrance online we would achieve a unique form of tribute to those who died, as it is accessible to anyone and it can grow and develop over the years. We have already had a huge response to it.

    Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Graydon, Trustee, The British Cyprus Memorial Trust. Published in, 4th August 2009
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