In Memory Online Book

The Online Book Company create personalised in memory Online Books for loved ones and admired colleagues, wherever they are in the world.

Colleagues and friends who have worked alongside throughout their career can shared their appreciations, stories and thanks as well as condolences through this online book in their memory.

Creating a personal online In Memory Book

An In Memory Online Book is an exclusive and reverent place where colleagues and partners can pay their respects, share stories and memories, including photos and video.

The advantage of being a digital book allows this Online In Memory Book to be available 24/7 for sharing contributions, wherever they are based or have settled around the world.
As you would expect, our online books contain no advertising, as befitting of the memories whom we respect and love.

We know this will be a difficult time, often coming out of the blue, so we always endeavour to make it as easy as possible for you.
Therefore we do most of the work to create a personalised in memory Online Book to celebrate a colleague or loved one.

You can select from a range of attractive templates for the front and back covers or we can make a fully bespoke one, according to your requirements.
We just need a photo of the person plus a brief obituary, up to around 650 characters, emailed to us.

You can choose your wording for the front cover title, for instance, In Memory of …, In Remembrance of … or Book of Condolence.

Prices start from just £35 for 2 personalised internal pages plus UNLIMITED number of messages.

example of in memory online book for Leroy example of in memory online book and other types

EXTRA PAGES We can add additional internal pages including customised collages for a fully bespoke book, according to your needs and budget.

example of in memory online book and other types

You can contact us during UK business hours by phoning +44 (0) 1872 226800
by email
Appreciating that time can be of the essence, if it is out of normal office hours please phone Jonathan on +44 (0) 7836 613388

Or Contact Us about an In Memory Online Book.
We look forward to helping you honour those that have made a difference.

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