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January 2021 – First Wednesday Newsletter

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Happy New Year and a warm welcome to the 1st of the 2021 First Wednesday Newsletters.

Wind the clock back 12 months, few would have believed the global devastation the pandemic has inflicted on families, individuals and organisation’s throughout the world.

As a service provider to both many different companies, charities and organisations across the globe, it has been fascinating and often inspiring to see how many organisations have boldly and successfully embraced change and adapted technology and using it to their permanent advantage.

We have seen organisations using our Online books for supporter recognition, storytelling, engagement and fundraising.

We have been amazed 100’s of thousands of messages have been left. read and shared. Many of these by a demographic whose IT skills have been honed and are a lifeline through which they can keep in touch with their friends and family or to order their groceries.

Some of the stories make us smile, others make us reflect and others leave a lumps in our throats.

One item that particularly caught our eye, a truly amazing and very moving “get well” video that was made by the colleagues of a lovely sounding man by the name of Gary Wilson.

a video tribute to Gary

There are countless other stories of gratitude, remembrance, celebration, recognition, fundraising and much more besides.

Throughout January, we will be holding one-to-one Zoom meetings to show you how different organisations have successfully embraced technology to their great advantage.

These meetings are for those interested in finding out more about how organisations are using books as part of their Legacy engagement, supporter recognition, storytelling, fundraising and much more besides.

There is absolutely no obligation here and with the imminent arrival of our second platform, there need be no cost to your organisation either.

This is a great opportunity to informally find out more about what we can do for you. The call can take as little as 10 mins

Please request a meeting by clicking on the on the Link below and E mailing your contact details after which time we will be in touch to set up a time that works.

We look forward to hearing from you.

A few moments of Winter Light… Perranporth, Cornwall

A few moments of Winter Light…Perranporth, Cornwall

We would love to show you more and can happily set up a screen sharing call at a time to suit. Just click here to drop us an E mail with your best contact number and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable time.

Julie PentecostJanuary 2021 – First Wednesday Newsletter
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