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Jonathan has a Royally Good Day

On the 28th of May Jonathan was lucky enough to attend a garden party at Buckingham Palace. The kind invitation to the special event was given to Jonathan in recognition of the work The Online Book Company has done for an Anglo/ US Charity, whose president just happens to be the Duke of Gloucester!

Jonathan told us all what a fantastic time he had, noting that it was a terrific occasion, adding ‘any anti-monarchist should’ve been there to witness the inspiration and joy bought to the faces of everyone by the Royal family!’.

Unfortunately there was a strict ‘no photographs’ policy at the Palace so Jonathan didn’t indulge in any ‘selfies’, but he has taken away some fantastic memories, having met some inspiring, generous and brave people that will last forever.new_bunting_-_1

Bethany HibbsJonathan has a Royally Good Day
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