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March 2021 – First Wednesday Newsletter

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When chatting with the team about the content of this month’s 1st Wednesday newsletter, Julie piped up with what we all agreed was a great idea.

“Everyone knows we create Online books for supporter retention, acknowledgement engagement and fundraising. They also know that they can phone any time for a screen sharing call to chat through relevant case studies and that we will be happy to put them in touch with other users. So, why not use the opportunity to share a few pictures of Cornwall in the spring and help bring joy to everyone’s hearts”.

Thank you Julie, a lovely idea and we hope that you will enjoy a bit of Cornish colour and sunshine!

Cornish gorse in flower   North Cornish coast

North Cornish coast   Blown out Cornish surf

Cornish cliffs near sunset   Cornish cliffs

Cornish engine house   Hidden Cornish cove

Camellias are out   Daffs in full bloom

With best wishes,

Jonathan, Julie, Tim and Harry

We would love to show you more and can happily set up a screen sharing call at a time to suit. Just click here to drop us an E mail with your best contact number and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable time.

Julie PentecostMarch 2021 – First Wednesday Newsletter
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