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Necessity is Mother of Innovation

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Lockdown has completely changed the way we go about our daily lives. We’ve needed to be imaginative, to adapt. In addition to a few things we’ve picked up in the press this month we wanted to look at a few ways that clients and businesses have been getting creative to adapt to our new world.

We’ve also given a little insight into some of the smart thinking adopted by our clients that has helped them to adapt to some of the challenges that we have all faced:

It Wasn’t all bad.

A woman from Essex missed her 76-year-old father so much during lockdown, she enrolled as a volunteer at his care home so she could see him. Until March, Nina Ambrose visited her father, who has Alzheimer’s, several times a week.

When lockdown made that impossible and she was furloughed from her job at a cosmetics company, the former Butlins redcoat sat eight exams in order to join the activities team at the major Lodge home in Chelmsford.

She works with other residents, but her main joy is having the opportunity to see her father at the end of each session. “I feel so, so lucky to be able to spend time with him” she said. (Credit to The Week)

The Hug Tunnel

Out of everyone dealing with the pandemic, elderly people have been finding these times especially difficult. Those living alone have been unable to see their children and grandchildren for months upon end.

However, a care home in Brazil has thought of a creative solution to help reunite families and cheer up their residents.

A hug tunnel has been installed at a care home in Brazil to enable elderly residents to cuddle their loved one safely. Staff at a  care home in Rio Grande do Sol had noticed that the pandemic was getting its residence down. The tunnel – a plastic sheet with sealed armholes – can be used by appointment only and is cleaned after use. The home’s administrator, Rubia Santos said “We noticed that our senior residents were feeling sad. We thought they would be much happier if we found a way for them to hug their relatives.”

This clever invention has allowed husbands, wives, children and grandchildren to stay close to their loved ones in the most heat warming way without putting them at risk.

Julie PentecostNecessity is Mother of Innovation
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