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November 2020 – First Wednesday Newsletter

the online book company platform

A fortuitous and most timely way to engage and raise funds

All of us I am sure are aware of the digital transformation that has been one of the unintended and permanently transformational consequences of the Lockdown.

What has been revealing for us is to see the enthusiasm to embrace this technology not only from our clients who are using the interactive Online Books for supporter retention and engagement but also, to see how these books have used by supporters.

For several years, we have working for number of Hospice clients helping with the gradual transition from a manual and paper driven “Light up a Life” appeal to a digital offering in the form of an Online Book. The books were set up in such a way that those supporters who were more comfortable with the cash donation approach could still be looked after. Indeed, the names of loved ones (if they wished) were also put into the book in recognition of their donation.

This year, with the majority of the Light up a Life services taking place online, the books for those who wish to remember their loved ones will come into their own.

if you have got a campaign running or planned and would like see how an Online Book could work for your campaign, then we shall be delighted to set up a screen share for you and show you what can be done.

Below are a couple of lovely examples of festive Light up a Life book covers created for The Highland and Willow Wood hospices whose Light up a Life campaigns are getting under way.

Light Up The Highlands, Highlands Hospice Willow Wood Hospice Light Up A Life 2020

For a little more information, about our books, this short Vimeo film may be most helpful.
Watch here

Blowing in the wind
Blowing in the wind

Julie PentecostNovember 2020 – First Wednesday Newsletter
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