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November 2021 – First Wednesday Newsletter

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Last week’s explosive revelations given in Parliament by former Facebook Product Manager Frances Haugen were at the forefront of headlines world wide. Haugen’s testimony that the company was and is knowingly putting profit over safety, with potentially dire consequences – an innumerable amount of which have already manifested, proved to be a confirmation of what many of us have long known but have turned a blind eye towards: The data of your organisation and your supporters on seemingly innocuous websites can be significantly manipulated. Be that through the use of subliminal messaging that can cause behavioural changes which can influence the outcomes of elections through to unauthorised location tracking. The consequences of this in a democratic world which deems individual liberty and safety, fundamental human rights are deeply disturbing.

In light of this we wanted to stress to you that here at the Online Book Company your privacy is paramount. The heart of our ethos is that these books provide a sacred, profoundly special place where you share your emotions. Be that joy, sadness, or vulnerability. We were founded upon principles of all that makes us human. Not a statistic.

The only personal data we ever collect is when a supporter registers to leave a message in a book. This registration enables the client to go back to edit their message at any time and upload any new pictures.

Since 2013, The Online Book Company has been ISO 27001 certified for the protection of your data, which is unavailable to any third parties. This ISO Certification hosted with ISO 27001 is rarely found outside of the financial services sector. Our recommendation is that any other organisations that you work with should have similar credentials in place. As far as donations are concerned, we ensure that these go directly to an organisation’s own payment portal, hence reducing possible data exposure to third party agencies and additional expense.

We would be delighted to talk to you if would like to discuss any of this further.


For a little more information, about our books, this short Vimeo film may be most helpful.

Watch here

We are so blessed with our spectacular Cornish sunsets

Perranporth beach

With best wishes,

Jonathan, Julie, Tim and Harry

We would love to show you more and can happily set up a screen sharing call at a time to suit. Just click here to drop us an E mail with your best contact number and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable time.

Rebecca LoveNovember 2021 – First Wednesday Newsletter
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