Online Book of Donation Messages

Recognise and reward the generosity of your donors with an online book of donation messages.
Include an ecommerce site that encourages donors to write their reasons for supporting your fundraising campaign. On acceptance of their donation their name and comment are automatically added to an online book of donation messages.
Not only that but they automatically receive a personalised email with a link to their message.
Donors are encouraged to Share their message with their friends and relations.

Many donors choose to top-up the minimum donation, so ask us about using Upsells to significantly increase your average donation value.
We have found this combination of donation and message works across many different third sector organisations.
Of course for pure donations we encourage donors to tick the GiftAid box.

There are no distracting advertisements of course, just your branding, as you would expect.

Reward your donors and encourage others through an online book of donation messages

Commissioning an online Book of Donation Messages

More reasons for donating online

  • Being a digital book, this online message Book reaches across the globe and is available 24/7.
  • Many people prefer the speed and convenience of online donating over paper forms and cost of stamps
  • We are committed to be free from advertising.
  • Remember that ex-pats and those working away from their home are equally as generous as those living nearby.
  • Online donations should also significantly reduce your costs of processing payments.
  • We take no commission from donations, funds are credited directly into your specified bank account. How refreshing is that !

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