Online Book of Gifts in Wills

“RNIB’s online Book of Remembrance gives us the opportunity to recognise those who have left a gift to us in their Will. These gifts are vital as they fund nearly a third of our work, making it possible for more people with sight loss to achieve their potential and face the future with confidence.”
[RNIB – Beatrice Kahiro – Legacy Marketing Officer]
RNIB online book of gifts in wills

Gifts in Wills is sometimes difficult to introduce into conversation – can find itself overlooked when you’re promoting specific areas of fundraising. Its value however, is indisputable. Making up over a quarter of all charitable donations today*, it has the potential, unlike many other income streams, to continue growing.

We’ve been engaged by a number of charities to create online books that both celebrate and promote legacy giving. Ranging from the simple to the multi-functional, these books are always bespoke, tailored to fulfil particular needs and reflect distinct brand identities, but all share the benefits of:

  • Making it easier to have a conversation with supporters about legacy giving
  • Showing the impact legacy giving can have
  • Providing an opportunity to recognise and thank legacy donors
  • Engaging with, and building ongoing relationships with the family and friends of legacy donors who revisit online legacy books regularly
  • Extending the reach of traditional, physical books honouring legacy-giving
  • Introducing the concept of living legacies and donations

“Our online Book of Remembrance offers an opportunity for family and friends to remember their loved ones’ generosity and allows Alzheimer’s Society to pay tribute to those who have left a gift in their Will. While we have a hard copy book in our London office which is available to view, our online book is a great way for family and friends to view their loved ones’ entry wherever and whenever they choose. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response to the book and it has become a fantastic way for us to say thank you to our wonderful supporters.”
[Alzheimer’s Society – Suzi Collins – Legacy and Recognition Giving Marketing Support Officer]

Our online books offer a dedicated and permanent online space that fully integrates into your website and is accessible 24/7, 365 days a year from anywhere in the world. They provide a great return on investment and are designed to be user-friendly – simple to administrate and a pleasure for your supporters to engage with.

Michael Clark, Gifts in Wills and In-Memory Manager of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust sums up his organisation’s collaboration with us:
“The importance of gifts in Wills to the long term aims of a charity, and thanking the supporters for including a gift is of paramount importance…We must take the same time to thank donors during their lifetime and after their death as we do in influencing beforehand, and I am delighted to be working with the Online Book Company to make this happen.”

And we’d be delighted to show you just how much even the simplest online book could do to help you promote legacy giving and honour your legacy donors.

Commissioning an online Book of gifts in wills

The simplest online Book of those making a gift in their will can be a alphabetical listing of their names, with or without a postal town.

This can be enhanced with an additional box of supplemental information including their reason for giving in the form of a short message.

Additionally the names of those leaving a gift in their will can be linked to one of more pages dedicated to that person memory. A discrete area where partners, relatives and friends can pay their respects, share stories, add photos and video.
Being a digital book, this online book is available 24/7 for sharing throughout the world. This is far more prominent and convenient to all parties than a paper copy held within a head office.

According to your requirements, you can individually add names or we can upload a CSV to the chapter in the online book of gifts in wills.


  • Extends the reach of your existing physical book acknowledging Gifts in Wills.
  • Automatic alphabetical listing of donors.
  • Fully mobile, tablet and desktop compatible.
  • No special software or hosting required.
  • Fast and smooth page turning gives the reassurance of a real book.

If you would like further information about a bespoke online Book of gifts in wills we will work with you to create this to match your branding requirements.

You can contact us during UK business hours by phoning +44 (0) 1872 226800
by email or by the

Online Gifts in Wills Book Enquiry Form

We look forward to helping you honour those that have left a gift in their will to your organisation.

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