Online Book of Legators and legacies

An online book of legators and legacies recognises those who have donated money by leaving a legacy to good causes and charities in their Will. Listing these donors demonstrates to family members that your organisation respects the wishes of their donation.

The values of legacies are obviously excluded as are addresses so all are displayed equally avoiding identification or wealth screening.
No distracting advertisements appear, just your branding, as you would expect.

Commissioning a Book of legators

In its simplest form an online Book of legators can be a alphabetical listing of those that have given legacies.

This can be enhanced with a bubblebox of supplemental information including their reason for giving in the form of a short message.

Additionally the names of those leaving a legacy in their will can be a link to one of more pages dedicated to that person. This a discrete place where colleagues and partners can pay their respects, share stories, add photos and video.
Being a digital book, this online legator book is available 24/7 for sharing globally. It is free from advertising, in fitting tribute to your donors, just like your paper copy.

Your charity or organisation may wish to create a separate chapter for living legacies and donations, particularly where matches specific fund raising campaigns. For such campaigns a totaliser can be displayed showing progress towards your target.


  • Extends the reach of your existing physical book of legacies.
  • Automatic alphabetical listing of legators.
  • Fully mobile, tablet and desktop compatible.
  • No player or special software required.
  • Smooth page turning resembles the reassurance of a real book.

If you would like further information about a bespoke online Book of legators we will work with you to create this in line with your branding requirements.

You can contact us during UK business hours by phoning +44 (0) 1872 226800
by email or by the

Online Legator Book Enquiry Form

We look forward to helping you honour those that have left a legacy to your organisation.

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