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Online Books of Condolence

Losing someone is hard, but what do you do when a bereavement happens at work? There are so many people who want to send their condolences and share memories with not only colleagues but the family. What is an appropriate way to remember and celebrate their life? We have the answer.

An Online Condolence Book provides an Online Memorial which will last forever. Not only does it mean each member of staff has plenty of room to leave messages of remembrance, colleagues from across the globe can contribute, there is no deadline, no rush to get a card in the post and it is an appropriate outlet for your colleagues and employees to share their grief.

We have created many Online Books of Remembrance for colleagues, organisations, charities and individuals over the years so we know what a delicate subject this can be. We work with you to create a fitting tribute and a special place to remember.

But it doesn’t have to be a dedicated book, if your loved one is no longer with us their name can be added to one of our existing charity books, like the RAF Benevolent Fund Book. These allow to remember your loved one and share their story with the world while raising money for a cause close to your heart.

To find out more about our Online Books of Condolence and Remembrance please contact us on +44 1872 226800 or email


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