Online Leaving and Retirement Books

Drawing on our decade of experience, we create individual online leaving and retirement books that enable you to share these important occasions together. Such has been the popularity of the books, they are available to national and international colleagues, and are proving to be a lovely and long remembered gift.
These interactive Online Leaving and Retirement Books allow everyone, everywhere, to contribute to a personalised book celebrating the achievements recipient. You and your colleagues can add videos wishing them the best of luck, add photos of special moments and write about your favourite memories. Unlike a traditional card, the writing space in these books is unlimited, so you can wish your friend all the best, and still have room to share special memories. They cost as little as £45 ($60) and can be adapted for any purpose, whether that be to write your own story, or to give as a gift.
This is your opportunity to create something truly bespoke, personal and, most importantly, to still be present for the exciting celebrations happening in the lives of those you value.
To make your book even more personal, we have an option for you to add your own images and videos to your message, wishing them the best of luck.

How do I set up an Online Leaving or Retirement Book?

We have three different options for you to choose from. Simply take a look at the options below and find the one that best suits your needs.

Option 1 costs from £45 ($60)
All Online Leaving and Retirement Books include UNLIMITED Messages pages.
Choose from one of our professional book templates.
All we need is a brief introduction and a photo you would like to highlight on the two inside pages.
We will then customise the front cover and the first two dedicated introductory pages for you with all the details about your colleague.
After we have created the book and you are delighted with it, we will then send you the URL to your personalised book which can be sent to anyone to read and contribute to.
Online leaving or retirement Book example   Online Retirement Book   Online Leaving Book example 
More templates are available.

Option 2 costs from £75 ($105)
Here we customise the cover to include a photograph or School/Company/Organisation Logo. This option includes 2 introductory pages plus an internal picture.
We close the book to new messages when you are ready.
Optionally, for £10 each, up to 5 additional photographs can be added.

Online Retirement Book of messages   Online Retirement Book of Thanks   A fond farewell   Online Retirement Book of Thanks

Option 3 costs from £250 ($300)
If your organisation has brand guidelines then this option will probably work best for you.
We create an entirely bespoke front cover with 6 introductry pages for service and achievements and a 4 page photo collage.
This option allows you to create a photo-history of their highlights and time at your organisation.
Additional treasured images can be added at £25 ($30) per pair of pages.

Online Retirement Book of memories   Premium Online Retirement Book example   Customised cover Retirement Book example Fond farewell Retirement Book

You can close your book to new messages after a suitable interval.
Being online, your book is perfect for sharing for those near and far, partners, friends and colleagues all able to add their messages.

You can contact us 24 hours a day by phoning +44 (0) 1872 226800
by email or by the

Personal Online Leaving or Retirement Book Enquiry Form.

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