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Inauguration of Hougoumont Farm

This book is fully illustrated with photographs by Don Wales from the Inauguration of Hougoumont Farm following its 3.8 Million Euro restoration including memorial of the closing of the North Gate. It also shows a famous handshake between descendants of Napoleon, Blucher and Wellington demonstrating the enduring peace since 1945.
This is a digital version of the two beautiful hardback versions available from the publishers ‘Booked images’.

This was a bit of an urgent job with a deadline of Christmas, this book and it’s sister ‘The Restoration of Hougoumont Farm’ were both completed in under 2 weeks, much to the Client’s satisfaction.

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Tim CInauguration of Hougoumont Farm

Leaving Book for Allan

We created a world first with our fully searchable online books, complete with turning pages, and now with this clever book, we’ve done it again!

We were asked to create a leaving book with a twist, as the user is visually impaired. But the beauty with all of our books are their accessibility meaning the visually impaired user can utilise text to speech features and listen to the messages left for them.

Being such a versatile book, it could even be used as a beautiful birthday or anniversary book, and more, providing users with a unique and exciting way to share memories and celebrate important milestones together in an interactive, easy to access online book.

Contact Us – personal Online Book enquiry form.

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Bethany HibbsLeaving Book for Allan

Individual Book of Condolence

Technological developments during summer 2015, have enabled us to quickly and efficiently produce books of condolence for individuals.

This particular book was created for a valued employee of a large, national company, and is a great way for his friends, family and colleagues to come together to share memories and celebrate his life.

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Bethany HibbsIndividual Book of Condolence