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Paignton Zoo’s giant Pokémon Hunt

What’s that rustling in the trees? When you visit a zoo, you usually expect to see Zebras, Lions and Monkeys, however, Paignton Zoo has recently become home to some more unusual animals, with thousands of hunters eager to catch them. It’s not what you might think… these unusual animals are in fact Pokémon, think Bulbasaurs, Pidgys and Pikachus.

Paignton’s largely populated Zoo hosted a Pokémon Go evening, with 18 pokéstops, three gyms and lots of exciting Pokémon hiding around the grounds, the zoo attracted more than 3,500 Pokémon hunters, many of whom had never been before. The zoo staff helped the hunters by setting off lures, at each pokéstop, creating even more Pokémon hunting fun.

Though the evening was about the new Pokémon residents many of the hunters did take the time to look up from their devices to admire the wonderful animals that actually inhabit the zoo. The evening turned out to be a spectacular success, with many happy smiling faces running around the zoo in the hope to find the next best Pokémon.

Paignton Zoo spokesman Phil Knowling said: “It was an amazing success. I’ve never spent an evening like that in the zoo – thousands of people, all with their iPhones out, children, young people and adults alike, all good-natured and with a single purpose – to hunt Pokémon!”

We are lucky enough to work with Paignton Zoo in creating a very colourful online Book of Remembrance, that allows families of the supporters of Paignton Zoo who are no longer with us, to celebrate their memories. As well as this, the book allows people to remember the zoo animals and their own beloved pets through celebration pages, kind words and photographs.

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Paignton Zoo Tweeted: Lots of new creatures appearing at the Zoo! #PokemonGO #GottaCatchEmAll

Polly BolithoPaignton Zoo’s giant Pokémon Hunt
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