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Paignton Zoo’s Goodbye Rhinos Weekend

This summer Paignton Zoo juggled rhinos… it’s not exactly how it sounds and we recommend that you don’t actually try to juggle rhinos. This is of course, one of the biggest and most exciting projects Paignton Zoo has ever run.

thumbnail_2016-08-tgbrp-mini-spikes-4-jemma-cleave-of-esw-by-tom-smithThe Great Big Rhino Project was launched in autumn 2015, aiming to dazzle members of the public with an art trail of 40 life-size painted rhinos around the parks, streets and open spaces of Exeter and the English Riviera. Rhinos have been on earth for 40 million years and while some species are threatened with extinction others are ‘Critically Endangered’. This exciting project was created in order to raise awareness and funds to help these wild rhinos.

After such popularity, by spring the project had sponsors and talented artists to get started on the  rhino masterpieces. The rhinos all had individual designs, patterns and bright colours to each other. In early July a convoy of lorries and rhinos hit the road from Exeter to Paignton, marking the project’s official launch. The rhinos were welcomed warmly by excited people who very much enjoyed the trail. Now that the trail, this weekend is Goodbye Rhinos Weekend, which will involve all of the rhinos coming together in Paithumbnail_2016-06-tgbrp-invincible-3gnton Zoo for a proper farewell, it will be quite a sight to see. After this, the rhinos will be auctioned off in the hope to raise money for the rhino conservation.

We are truly inspired by Paignton Zoo’s fantastic work with The Great Big Rhino Project. We are very proud to work with Paignton Zoo on their online Book of Remembrance, celebrating the lives of the zoo’s supporters, as well as, the animals that once inhabited the zoo with messages and photographs.

If you would like to find out how we can create bespoke online book for your organization, charity or for a loved one contact us.


Polly BolithoPaignton Zoo’s Goodbye Rhinos Weekend
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