Online Book of Condolence

Our Online Books of Condolence are a haven where loved ones, colleagues and partners can pay their respects, add their memories, share stories, photos and videos.
Being digital, each Online Book of condolence is available for sharing globally. It is free from advertising, and fitting tribute to those who we respect. Whether you are sitting at a desk, relaxing using a tablet or out and about with your phone, it’s friendly to use at a time and a place to suit you.

How to set up an Online Book of Condolence ?

Each of our Online Books are created by one of our dedicated team members. We will work with you to create something special and that you will be proud of.
Firstly, select the type of book you would like from the options below.

Option 1 costs just £45 ($60)
All we need is your loved ones name, a brief condolence text (about 200 words) and favourite photo and how you would like their name to appear on the front cover.
You choose your preferred template for the customised cover and add the 2 dedicated introductory pages. We will then send you the URL Link to invite all those who you wish to contribute
Templated flowers Online Book of Condolence Option 1   Thinking of you Online Book of Condolence  Templated Online Book of Condolence

Option 2 costs £75 ($105)
Here we can fully customise the cover to your requirements and choice of colour. This can include a photograph or School/Company/Organisation Logo. This book has 2 introductory pages and allows for a internal picture. Optionally, for £10 each, up to 5 additional photographs can be added.
Customised Online Book of Condolence   Online Book of Condolence Option 2   Personalised Online Book of Condolence

Option 3 costs from £250 ($300)
This is an opportunity to create a book with a Fully bespoke and branded front cover with up to 10 additional introductory pages for for tribute text and image collage.
In Loving Memory Online Book of Condolence   Online Book of Condolence Option 3   Premium Online Book of Condolence Option  

All Online Books ofCondolence include UNLIMITED Condolence Messages.
You can ask to close your book to new messages after a suitable interval e.g. one or two months.
Being online, your book is perfect for sharing for those near and far, partners, friends and colleagues all able to add their messages.

You can contact us 24 hours a day by phoning +44 (0) 1872 226800
by email or by the

Personal Online Condolence Book Enquiry Form.