The Firefighters Memorial Trust book

The Firefighters Memorial Trust book contains all of the name of those who have died in the firefighting service or as a result of their injuries. Once fully identified their names are added to the memorial outside St. Pauls Cathedral in London.

This also includes the brief details of 512 Fire Guards and 1270 Fire Watchers from the whole of the UK who died as a result of their service during the Second World War.

Also those who served in the military from the Boer War onwards, plus chapters with the police and company employed persons, going back to the 18th Century.
e.g. Fireman John Young serving with the Sun General Insurance Fire Brigade who died due to service injuries on the 9th January 1726.
There were some particularly dreadful days when over 100 firefighters perished during the height of The Blitz
There is a chapter for individual firefighters not fully identified to aid researchers and allow full recognition of their courage and service.

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