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St David’s Hospice Care E-Commerce

It takes passion and kindness to be able to care for others, and that is what is truly present in this story.

Starting with just six patients, St David’s has grown to become the UK’s largest provider of hospice at home care, now caring for more than 3,300 patients and their families annually. St David’s Hospice Care actually originated from Heulwen Egerton, a nurse tutor at Newport’s Royal Gwent Hospital in 1979. Originally named ‘Gwent Hospice Project Group’, it was made up of caring people who were worried about the lack of care available to people of Gwent.

St David’s provide their patients and their families with care particularly dedicated to their needs, along with support through difficult times. St David’s believe that their patients always have a choice about the care they receive no matter what, as well as maintaining their dignity throughout.

We strongly admire the work that St David’s Hospice care do for others. We are delighted to have worked with them to create a fully integrated E-commerce site for the cause. This special site allows family and friends to make donations towards the ‘Light up a Life’ appeal at any time they wish wherever they are in the world. The beauty of this book is that for those who cannot make an event or appeal then they can still be involved from afar. This is a way to celebrate a loved one by ‘lighting a candle’ and donating to the Hospice, allowing the kind hearted staff to continue on caring for patients and their families.

The E-commerce site allows supporters to have an idea of what great things their donations will actually do for the Hospice while making it quick and easy to make a payment. This is a fantastic way to engage with supporters of the cause and to increase the fundraising for the appeal.

If you would like to be involved in ‘Light up a Life’, find out more here 


Polly BolithoSt David’s Hospice Care E-Commerce
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