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Waterloo Soldiers Become Chelsea Pensioners

This amazing 135 year-old photograph, unearthed at the Royal Hospital Chelsea and now on display at Windsor Castle, is a real treasure. It shows five men, ‘the last survivors’ of The Battle of Waterloo, posing for a photograph , 65 years after the battle ceased.

Included in the photo (and at 95 the eldest at the time of the photo) is Private John McKay, who took part in the historic Battle of Waterloo aged 20 as part of the 42nd Regiment of Foot, which he had joined at just 15, he moved to Royal Hospital Chelsea as a Chelsea Pensioner in 1877.

Other Chelsea Pensioners in the photo are Robert Norton of the 54th Regt (aged 90), Naish Hannay of the 7th Hussars (88), Benjamin Bumstead of the 73rd Regt (82) and Samson Webb of the 3rd Foot Guards (82).

This is a great find and something we at The Online Book Company will be adding into our Waterloo Descendants book for others to enjoy!Chelsea Pentioners Waterloo Soldiers

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Bethany HibbsWaterloo Soldiers Become Chelsea Pensioners