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The Advantages of being The Queen

The Advantages of being The Queen

Have you ever wondered what the advantages of being The Queen are? Find out in our latest blog

She has two birthdays

The Queen celebrates her actual birthday on the 21st of April and her official public birthday on a Saturday in June. This was created to increase the likelihood of good weather for the Trooping the Colour Parade, which takes place for The Queen’s birthday.

She doesn’t need a driver’s license or passport

British passports and driving licenses are in the name of Her Majesty; therefore it is unnecessary for The Queen to own either. The Queen is known to take her Range Rover out for a drive now and then and has travelled all over the world.

The holder of a massive art collection

The Queen has an Art collection of 150,000 paintings painted by artists such as Rubens and Rembrandt.

She owns all of the Swans in The River Thames

Technically, all unmarked swans in open water belong to The Queen, but she only exercises her ownership on certain parts of the Thames and surrounding areas. This tradition is observed during the yearly ‘Swan Upping’, which involves each Swan in the River Thames being ringed as part of the census of the swan population.

She has dominion over all Dolphins in British waters

The Queen actually owns all of the Sturgeons, Whales and Dolphins in the British waters. This is a rule that dates back to King Edward II’s reign.

One of the best horse breeders 

The Queen has been a horse lover all of her life and is still riding at the age of 89. The Queen has successfully bred horses that have gone on to win more than 1,600 races. She also breeds native ponies.

She has her own private cash machine

The Queen has her own private cash machine in the basement of Buckingham Palace installed for the use of the Royal Family. It is provided by one of Britain most prestigious bank, Coutts.

She can create lords 

The Queen has the power to appoint Lords, who can sit in the Parliament.

Katherine GeorgeThe Advantages of being The Queen
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