Register your Charity for the Queen’s 90th Birthday Book!

It’s simple, free and rewarding for all – simply register your Charity here and everybody benefits. The objective is to get as many of your supporters, members, friends and family to wish The Queen a Happy Birthday and raise money for your Charity when they opt to purchase a commemorative birthday medal.


  • By completing this form, your Charity can benefit from donations received from the sale of commemorative medals.
  • In accordance with ISO9001 & ISO27001 the following link takes you to a short Memorandum of Understanding covering payment details, mutual obligations and data handling.
  • You can register on the form opposite up to four contacts who will all be kept updated with all the important news.
  • Please nominate one Primary contact to handle all day-to-day communications.
  • After this form has been submitted, email confirmation will be sent within 72 hours.
  • In this email we will detail how your supporters can direct their donation to your Charity.
  • We will also provide ideas and inspiration to engage your supporters, including weblinks, pictures, logos, suggested wording for Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram, and newsletters.
  • Keep things moving! While you’re waiting for your confirmation you can think of creative ways to promote the project and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all are under the name HMQBirthdayBook.
  • Most importantly, you will also receive the link to The Queen’s Birthday Book so that messages can be left.


For more information on Charity participation with HM The Queen’s 90th Birthday Book, please contact us:

By phone:
Speak to Sarah Chirgwin  on +44 1872 226800

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