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What’s been going on at The Online Book Company?

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with a flurry of activity from charities wanting to ensure that their Legators are properly recognised through the median of an Online Book, as well as organisations commissioning individual books for various members of staff.

The first of these requests came from Hong Kong where sadly a partner in an international firm of accountants had died. In part due to the Coronavirus outbreak preventing people from meeting up, they felt an Online Book would be an ideal way for colleagues all over the world to add their comments and tributes, rather than trying to organise an actual card.

Next up was a call from the Marriott Hotel Group, who wanted to create an Online Book for a colleague moving on to pastures new. Once again, with messages pouring in from colleagues around the world, it has proved the perfect way to bring them all together. As someone there said: ‘How else could we get such engagement?’ Previously, they had had to resort to ‘scribblings’ on Post-it notes attached to a card.

Last week the Harry Gregg Foundation was also in touch with a request for us to create an Online Book of Condolence for him.  As some of you may well recall, former Manchester United goalkeeper Harry Gregg was also a hero of the dreadful Munich air crash of February 6 1958 that decimated the famous ‘Busby Babes’ and saw 23 people killed. Harry passed away on 16 February at the age of 87, and we helped the Foundation launch this book after his funeral. It’s filling up with some truly wonderful stories and is a lovely tribute to a very special man.

Of course, as well as providing a place where people can come together to share their memories regardless of their location, our books can also include donation links direct to a charity, providing a valuable opportunity and prompt for anyone who wishes to donate to do so.

Coming soon too is the new version of our platform, which will enable charities and other organisations to offer individuals the opportunity to set up their own book, adaptable for a wide variety of purposes including remembering pets, and recording celebrations and travels. These will also offer a fundraising opportunity. It really is very exciting, so watch this space for more details!



Julie PentecostWhat’s been going on at The Online Book Company?
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